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Walters blood tests have come back.. due to malnourishment his liver and kidneys have been slightly affected. The vet feels he is strong enough for his castration and X-rays on his legs that possibly have old break injuries next week but he will definitely be on fluids with a crash team standing by. It is so sad to think of the years of neglect this little boy has had but the vet believes that now he’s on the best possible diet and is getting the care and attention he needs he will definitely improve. We will repeat his blood tests in a months time as he desperately needs dental work too plus if any operations are needed on his legs we will have to plan for that too, poor boy.

We will take the best care of him and make sure all his medical needs are met and he will have a future full of love and care.
Our fundraiser is still running till Friday so please do join in if you can as Walter is looking at some hefty vet bills in the very near future

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