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Gorgeous Ruby is now ready to start looking for a fabulous home, our little pretty girl is 3.5 years old, spayed.

Ruby is such a sweetie, she gets on well with all the other chihuahuas in her foster home although isn’t so keen on larger dogs.

She loves zooming around the garden playing with her pals and will even play fetch. Ruby however really doesn’t like cats 🙀 and so cannot be rehomed with resident cats.

Ruby loves people and can happily live with children over the age of eight as long as they are gentle and dog aware.

She does like the sound of her own voice and can be vocal at times (especially when cats are around 🙉).. she will let you know when people have arrived at your doorstep, passed by your garden etc but she is easily distracted from telling you the ins and outs of the neighbourhood and is quick to learn.

Ruby has had a thorough veterinary check and is very good health. She has a little staining on her teeth but nothing to warrant a dental at present.
She is in foster in south Cambridgeshire.

If you feel you can offer Ruby a wonderful home please email and request an adoption application form stating it’s for Ruby.

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